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Reporting Solutions Pty Ltd, you're JIWA Financials Version 7 ERP Implementation and Support Partner for Victoria, South Australia , New South Wales (NSW) Australia and New Zealand

Jiwa Financials Version 7 ERP software solution is primarily based around inventory and doing things to inventory, such as importing, warehousing, assembling, manufacturing, scheduling, job costing and back orders. Jiwa customers run wholesale, distribution, manufacturing & jobbing businesses.
JIWA Software includes;
  • General Ledger - Jiwa General Ledger maintains the complete detailed accounting records for one or more companies, branches and divisions.
  • Cash Book - Jiwa Cashbook facilitates accurate and fast allocation of funds as well as efficient reconciliation of bank accounts.
  • Sales - Jiwa Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices are comprehensive and fully integrated into a single module.
  • Purchasing - Jiwa Purchase Order, to Goods Received Note to Invoice cycle is a key component. Great flexible Purchase Order methods are the key.
  • Debtors / Customers - Jiwa Debtors provides customer service, receivables and credit management staff with the information to efficiently process receivables & provide excellent customer service.
  • Creditors / Suppliers - Jiwa Creditors combines efficient invoicing and payment processing, access to detailed supplier information & electronic funds transfers for creditor payments.
  • Inventory / Stock Control - Jiwa Inventory provides efficient workflows and excellent controls to take care of your inventory & warehouse needs. Including Multi Bin Locations, Serial and Batch Number tracking.
  • Contacts / CRM - Jiwa Contacts is a superset of contacts, customers & suppliers. Multiple contacts are kept for each customer & the tracking of your communications and interactions with them.
  • Manufacturing / Job Costing - JIWA can easily be implemented with the fully integrated Job Costing and/or Process Manufacturing modules. Allowing for full transparency over costs, revenue and budget by Cost centers and Stages. These functions will allow better management of stock levels and allocation of time and machine resources.
  • eCommerce and EDI - JIWA offers fully integrated eCommerce and EDI solutions to greatly reduce double entry and reduce the chance of keying errors. EDI is embedded within JIWA allowing the automation of workflows from printing delivery dockets to emailing the invoice

JIWA now has ROUTE PLANNING for scheduling deliveries

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JIWA Financials Version 7
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